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Good Morning, As with any profession - it's good to have a backup plan. My undergraduate major was in "Management of Technical Operations", and my hobbies (and passion) has always been cars, and computers... I would say this makes me a pretty well rounded pilot, but what do I know. I have run into many pilots that have gotten their degree in professional flying, or something like that - And that's fine... But, when you get furloughed - You need to be able to put something else on your resume. I have been developing software, and websites for as long as I can remember. For the most part, Its been a hobby that I was just OK at. I do not a have a "graphical eye" (similar to the musical ear), so when developing, I always spent way to much time on trying to make "it"(whatever I was working on) look good. I think I am finally getting past this hangup in my development. I have been studying layouts for years, and have found that the simpler designs are easier to master. The flashy stuff looks great, and does give your product a more professional look. In the long run, it's the content of the product that will make your product memorable to people that read or use it. I have been working with a poker company in Virginia for the past couple years developing an online database system that would allow for easy tournament entry. This Tournament Point Entry System helped the company become more competitive in the Richmond bar tournament market by allowing its patrons to see their own tournaments, points and stats while making the tournament entry a breeze. What makes the product that I have developed different from our competition is 5 fold. 1. We offer the "best" point entry solution available. There is no better option currently on the market. 2. We are not interested in getting tournament companies to join some "super league". Each company stands alone with their own use of the system. 3. Our system dynamically calculates all the points, keeps track of the players, and maintains the tournament schedule. This is the only system that not only calculates the points, but allows the user to determine how the point calculation will occur. 4. The system automatically updates the tournament companies website. We have 9 embeds that are completely customizable, and easy to implement. 5. We are the only company offering a complete mobile solution. The mobile app integrates the leaderboard, and the dynamic schedule in one easy to navigate mobile app. OK, so I am advertising my poker leaderboard a little bit, I'm sorry. The point is, when your not flying, learn to do something else. I have been able to start my own software development company and hope to add more clients in the future. Flying is currently paying the bills, but in the event of another down turn - I hope my other abilities will help keep food on the table, and gas in the jeep :)

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