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All keyboards claim to have ergonomic bliss and lifetime button use, but the reality is far from what is advertized...

Button use to most is irrelevant - as most people purchasing a keyboard click a few keys on the display models and weigh features to price.  You will rarely see a high end keyboard on display at Best Buy or Wal Mart.  If you do not use a keyboard for a living, and you do not work from home, then what I am about to say will not really relate to you.

Ergonomic keyboards are a marketing ploy, and do not really affect  the majority of the users.  Proper chair height, palm placement, and angle of the keyboard is what will help you last all day typing.  In some cases, the size of your hands come into play.

The unfortunate mess that is the keyboards displayed at Best Buy etc. are truly horrific when it comes to feel and typing.  Most of the keys are small, low profile, and have a short throw and light touch.  While this may seem like a win, remember what makes it easy to type.   Good seperation in the keys with a longer through will typically lead to better typing, and fewer errors. 

If you want to find the nice keyboards you will typically find them in the gaming section.  I know.  I'm not a gamer either.  It was a shock to me too when I first learned of the mechanical switch keyboards.  These keyboards have mechanical switches in the keys that allow for a long throw with a definite end to the keystroke.  Accidentally pressing two keys at the same time is more difficult, while finding the placement of commonly missed keys becomes more precise.  

If you think that you have a keyboard with a nice touch, check out the Razor Black Widow, and get back to me :)

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