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LSI SAS9211-8i SAS2008(B2) HBA FLASH FreeNas


WARNING! Flash at your own risk.  This is just what I did to flash my card.  You are responsible for destroying your own stuff.  And, Yes - You can easily destroy your card doing this.

Steps to flashing your sas controller for freenas.

First.  FreeNas only works with a handful of non-raid controller cards.  Most all of them need to be flashed.  They need to be in IT mode.  Most of them are in IR mode (raid).   


1. DOS or UEFI (Very Important):  What's the difference.  This is your motherboard bios.  If you have a current motherboard, then it is probably UEFI.  How will you know.  Well, when you boot the machine into the bios (typically hitting the "DEL" key on boot up - It will likely be a GUI interface.  AND.  When you look at your boot options in the bios, you will probably see something about UEFI.  DOS, Well... DOS Is DOS.  Your bios is likely a non-GUI interface that is navigated with the arrows and the escape key ;)  

DOS is easier.  If you have UEFI, you will need to create your boot media using the sas2flash.efi, and possibly the bootx64.efi files.  Don't worry we will get to where you get the files, and where they go.  

2. PCIe - What will fit.  The SAS2008 Or SAS9211 (same same) is a PCIe 2.0 card.  It will fit in a PCIe 16 port.  See this YouTube for further explanation.  It will not fit in a PCIe 1.0 slot.

3. Where do I start.  Well.  

-You are going to need a computer that you can unplug everything but your sas card.  This will protect you a little from flashing something that you didn't mean to flash.  

-A USB 2.0 or less thumb drive.  Depending on your motherboard.  DO NOT USE USB 3.0.  Note, most of these cards are legacy cards, and are barely supported with current configurations.  That is why you see so much headache on the forums about this process. 

-Software.  I used Rufus to create my bootable media (usb).

-Firmaware - This is a tricky one.  The sas2flash software, and firmware by Broadcom rescently changed their site making it very difficult to find the firmware.  Go to the link I provided and use keyword search "9211-8i" (You are looking for this "firmware":

-Installer Do another keyword search for "Installer".  You are looking for this (under firmware):

4. OK...

To Be Continued.  I gotta go to bed...

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